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Request for Proposals, Chef/Restaurateur

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Restaurant/Bar/Cafe Opportunity At the Yellowknife Historical Society Restaurant The Miner’s Mess Located in the YHS Museum at Giant Mine

Proposals due: February 13, 2024, 3:00 p.m.


The goals/objectives of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to award an operating agreement and one year lease with the possibility for an extension to an operator (Tenant) who will accomplish the following:

  • Provide a restaurant and bar service with a distinctive menu/experience to cater to museum attendees, tourists, boaters, the general public and special event rental patrons.
  • Maximize attendance through featured menu items, service, ambiance, friendliness and special events marketing.
  • Work together with the Museum Manager, respecting the values and principles established by them to ensure an optimum experience for those frequenting the restaurant and bar, banquets and rentals and the on-site Historical Society attractions


    The building is approximately 5200 sq. ft., formerly housing the recreation hall (Giant Rec Hall) for employees of Giant Yellowknife Mines and now housing the Yellowknife Historical Society Museum. The restaurant is under the same roof as the Yellowknife Historical Society museum which may, or may not, always share the same opening hours

    Several features of the original building have been maintained and it is the hope that the restaurant service will achieve some degree of comfort, nostalgia and historical touches, however, surprise elements and events would be welcome. The restaurant includes a large deck overlooking the lake and boat launch. It is anticipated that the location will become a stop for locals, tourists, boaters, snowmobilers, families, the lunch and coffee crowd, and a desirable location for event rentals.


    It is intended that the Museum Manager will work with the Tenant to ensure a smooth working relationship between the Museum operations and the Tenant.

    In addition, it is intended that the Museum Manager will work with the Tenant to book Events to their mutual satisfaction.

    Opportunities for Tenant

    In addition to managing the restaurant, the Tenant will be free to cater off the premises from the kitchen, for their own profit, under circumstances when the museum is not a viable rental venue for that event, or while creating food items for public sale.

    Any items for public sale is encouraged to also be sold in the museum gift shop. The entrance to the Rec Hall goes through the gift shop which will be manned by museum staff and whichmay include a “Grab and Go” cooler catering to boating traffic in the summer, this financial arrangement can be discussed.

  • Banquet and Restaurant menu prices will be established by, and paid to the Tenant.

    Tenant Responsibilities and Commitment:

  • The tenant will hold the liquor license to the restaurant and the deck and benefit from the same, they will take all due diligence to ensure no license breaches or dangerous situations arise. They will include liquor service in their liability insurance.
  • The Tenant will be responsible for their business license, food establishment license, their WSCC, their liquor license, passing all food handling and kitchen inspections and their own liability insurance.
  • Any breach of these license or any issues surrounding dangerous or careless procedures that result in harm or any failure of health inspections may lead to contract review and potential termination.
  • If the Tenant is unavailable for a booked event, the Museum management reserves the right to use a different caterer or board volunteers for that event.
  • The Tenant is responsible for providing servers/staff as necessary, banquet Menu prices will be established by, and paid to the tenant, while room/equipment rental will go to the museum.

    Present the following in your RFP:

  • Desired financial agreement, include figures
  • Hours prepared to open to the public
  • Consider and share your ideas for enhancing the guests experience, i.e. stocking a cooler for take outs, special events to draw patrons, summer use of the deck, services geared toward boaters/snowmobilers/children, themed meals, utilizing local food growers, offering organic or gluten free options, northern specialties, historical themed dishes, mocktails, specials, etc.
  • Catering special events-what will you be able to do? Your vision for the space?
  • Structure for event rentals-i.e. food/beverages/hall rental that work for tenant and owner.
  • Your thoughts to promote positivity and enthusiasm for the location and spirit of the building

    The Kitchen

    The kitchen drawing is attached including the appliances. Dishes are also purchased, an inventory will be agreed upon with the tenant upon signing a contractual agreement. The loading dock is on the north side of the building, there are storage rooms in the area adjacent to the kitchen proper. The Tenant is required to keep their area organized and clean including the staff bathroom in the storage area. There will be a small budget available to the tenant to purchase additional kitchen or restaurant needs.

    To tour the kitchen and restaurant contact Grace Guy at

  • Proposals must demonstrate experience and knowledge of:
  • restaurant/bar operations. The potential Tenants must clearly state their needs, goals, requirements, vision and projections.

    Instructions and Schedule for submittal of proposals:

  • The board of the Historical Society will not be liable for any expenses incurred by any proposer in relation to the preparation or submittal of proposals.
  • Proposals are due before 3:00 pm on February 13, 2024. Proposals can be emailed to Grace Guy at Please reach out for confirmation of receipt of your proposal if you do not receive an emailed acknowledgement. Any questions regarding the RFP please direct to Grace via email or phone at +1 (250) 715-5602.


  • The board of the Yellowknife Historical Society will view all proposals, and invite some prospective tenants to a discussion. The interview process will be done at the Museum Restaurant at a mutually agreed upon time. The board will base their decision on, but not limited to the following:
  • Relevant experience
  • Understanding of the boards goals
  • Demonstration of knowledge that will enhance the current vision
  • Financial agreement
  • Availability/commitment
  • Customer service commitment
  • Proposed menu/ideas
  • Proposed hours/schedule
  • Existing clientele

    This museum is the product of many years of volunteer work and fundraising, it is a special project in a unique environment and we look forward to moving forward in our beautiful locale with an enthusiastic and creative caterer as the cornerstone of the public’s experience

    Yellowknife Historical Society

Contact: with any questions or to tour the facilities.