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Volcanic rocks found in the Yellowknife area, known as pillow lavas, formed around 2.3 billion years ago under shallow oceans. These same type of rocks can be seen forming in Hawaii today.

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Monday, Nov 14th, 2022

The Yellowknife Historical Society is pleased to announce two recent monetary donations. Thank you to Alice Payne and the Eggenberger family whose combined contributions injected over $220,000 dollars into the Society’s museum project!

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Thursday, Oct 20th, 2022

In this issue: Museum Construction Update - Farewell to Tracey Bryant - Giant Mine A-Shaft Powerhouse Demolished - Geoscience Forum - Ranney Hill Trail - Giant Mine Podcast - Newsclippings

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Friday, Sep 16th, 2022

On Sept. 14, CBC released ‘GIANT - MURDER UNDERGROUND’, a 7-episode podcast series hosted by Rachel Zelniker. ‘Giant’ revisits the 1992 Labour Dispute at the Giant Gold Mine in Yellowknife that pitted its union against the mine’s new president.

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