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Welcome the Yellowknife Historical Society website! Our mandate is to preserve the heritage of Yellowknife and to promote the development of sites and exhibits that will further the understanding and appreciation of the community's rich and fascinating history, while contributing to the tourism and economic potential of the North. Click here to Get Involved

The Yellowknife Historical Museum, located by the Giant Mine site / Boat Launch, is open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

The museum is located on Chief Drygeese Territory, the traditional territory of the Wiìliìdeh Yellowknives Dene, and home of the North Slave Métis. We respectfully acknowledge our presence on their land around Yellowknife. 

Did You Know?

Yellowknife is named after the Wiiliideh Yellowknives Dene, the Indigenous people that European explorers met in the early fur trade. The Dene were known for tools made from copper.