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To build a community-driven museum for Yellowknife, the Society must raise capital funds for renovations, landscaping and exhibits. The capital cost to completely renovate the Giant Mine recreation hall, our primary objective, is estimated at $1.1 million. The Society seeks sponsorship from individuals, corporations, and government to reach this objective.

There are several avenues available to contribute. The first are simple monetary donations for ongoing project and administrative costs. Purchase of Society produced merchandise also contributes to our income. See the 'Shop' section for more information on heritage merchandise. Memberships also contribute to yearly costs. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to become members at an annual cost.

The NWT Mining Heritage Trust Fund, established in 2009, is a tax-deductable fund administered by the Yellowknife Community Foundation to provide long-term viability and sustainability to its future costs. The Society is also the beneficiary of the Walter Gibbins Trust Fund, dedicated to the promotion of earth sciences in the north through education and exhibits. If you currently own shares in a company, you can donate them to a trust fund and get a receipt, which can be used for a deduction on your income tax. This is a great way for you to support a cause or group and get a break on your Taxes as well! Find out more about stock donations here:

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Please contact the coordinator of the society ( to find out the best way to donate to our project!