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Newsletter - September 2008


Norweta Cruise a Success!

The Society hosted two nights of entertainment and sightseeing on the Norweta on August 26-27th as part of its fundraising efforts. The first night members of the society and friends were offered tickets to enjoy the sights of Yellowknife Bay and a steak dinner, followed by stories from Geddes Webster, a mining engineer who was in Yellowknife after World War II. Mr. Webster has published a book on Yellowknife as it was in those early years and the pioneering people who lived here. On the second night, delegates with the Northern Development Ministers Conference, being held in Yellowknife that week, did the cruise. We were successful in raising over $10,000. This was the last year for the Norweta  cruiser after almost 40 years of sailing on northern waters. We are happy to have been a part of the final chapter in the history of this arctic vessel!

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