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Newsletter - August 2011


Beer Barge 2011 Was Best Yet!

The Beer Barge BBQ held in June in Yellowknife was the third annual fundraising event for the NWT Mining Heritage Society.

Great weather and a wonderful atmosphere of cheer and history brought forth yet another great Beer Barge BBQ Bash in June, the third annual fundraising event for the NWT Mining Heritage Society.

Three musical acts – Godson, The Committed, and Tracey Riley – entertained the guests throughout the night. Adding to the theme’s entertainment, Anthony Foliot read verse about his adventures boat freighting across the north.

The Boat and Barge docked very early this year, at 4:28 pm, meaning that Elsie Maltin was the lucky winner of the lottery draw. We were again blessed with great heritage spirit as several guests and volunteers dressed up in period costumes. Joy Watt and Nicole Veerman won the costume contest. Nicole was dressed up as Yellowknife’s first school teacher, Mildred Hall. Other notable costumes included Mike Vaydik as a diamond driller, Rick Muyres as a Negus Hogan fastball player (with original jersey), Ryan Silke as a uranium prospector, Cathy Woodward as a diary farmer, and a young man as Jock McMeekan, an early prospector and journalist. Dave Lovell also won a prize as the audience’s longest YK resident.

Thanks to our many sponsors (listed below) but special recognition is to be given to Outcrop Communications and Up Here Publishing, Williams Engineering Canada, and the City of Yellowknife, our main sponsors each year we have organized the Beer Barge. We hope to see you all again next year!

Beer Barge 2011 Sponsors:

  • Outcrop Communications Ltd.
  • Up Here Publishing
  • Williams Engineering Canada Ltd.
  • City of Yellowknife Special Grants Committee
  • Bottomline PR
  • East Arm Freighting & Dave Smith
  • Robinson's Trucking Ltd.
  • Weaver & Devore Trading
  • Klaus Schoenne and Ed Eggenberger
  • Arctic Ambassadors
  • Joy Watt & Ptarmigan Ptheatrics
  • Yellowknife Lions Club
  • Floatplane Flyin Committee
  • Territorial Beverages
  • Max Ward
  • Kavanaugh Brothers Inc
  • La Carte Catering

Special Thanks to these individuals:

  • Ryan & Jeff (PIDO Productions)
  • Bonny Madsen
  • Brian Latham
  • Marty Brown
  • Shelagh Montgomery
  • George Gibson
  • Glen Abernethy
  • Robert Hawkins
  • Bob Bromley
  • Wendy Bissaro
  • Helmut Epp
  • Amanda Mallon
  • Tony Foliot
  • Deb Bain
  • Diane Baldwin
  • Mike Vaydik
  • Kathy Woodward
  • Ryan Silke
  • Yvonne Quick
  • Stephen Clark
  • John Clarke
  • Walt Humphries

...and the rest of the organizing committee with the NWT Mining Heritage Society

Recent Donations

We thank the following people for the ongoing support with donations of artifacts, photos, and memorabilia to the Mining Museum: The estate of Lorne Schollar for continued donations, including a ‘Dayton Moneyweight’ scale similar to those used at the local mine commissaries in the 1950s. Photographs and periphanelia from the Con Mine, donated by Valerie Taggart, daughter of former Con mechanic Robert Taggart.

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