Friday, Nov 30th, 2001

November was an exciting month for our group as it would prove to be our first step towards major fundraising.

As previously planned, we would sell our headframe mugs and heritage calendars at the 2001 Geosciene Forum. We would also do the coat check service at the Capitol Theatre and receive a percentage of the registration profits from the Forum organizers.

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Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2001

The month was that of change and progress for the group, as new members joined and old ones left.

The group was given a key the Commissary at Giant Mine and we now have free access to the building. Thanks to Miramar Giant Mines Limited for that! The building will be used as a warehouse for the artifacts we have collected.

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Sunday, Sep 30th, 2001

With everyone's fall schedules and the summer season coming to a close end, September was relatively quiet with the heritage group. Spirit YK member Walt Humphries and Ryan Silke spent a morning in Old Town going through an old shed once belonging to diamond driller John Larson, who passed away about ten years ago. And, oh boy, what a treasure trove!

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