Tuesday, Jul 30th, 2002

The NWT Mining Heritage Group will now be known as the NWT Mining Heritage Society. This change in name coincides with a change in the status of the group, as it moves towards becoming a registered society. At the July 18 meeting, members of the group agreed on a constitution and bylaws. We are happy to report this new direction, which we believe will open up doors for us in the future.

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Sunday, Jun 30th, 2002

A meeting was held on June 26th to update on our plans for the summer.

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Thursday, May 30th, 2002

No meeting was held during the month, although some progress has been made in our efforts to create a future Mining Centre at Giant Mine.

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Monday, Apr 15th, 2002

Very little work was done during the month by our group. A meeting was held on April 26th, but attendance was low and since the author did not attend, little can be shared about it. Ron Connell, official with Miramar Mining, attended the meeting to share some information regarding cleanup plans and also to share his thoughts on our proposed mining museum.

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Saturday, Mar 30th, 2002

The group met on March 27th with the purpose of re-establishing interest in the project and to discuss our future plans.

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Monday, Feb 25th, 2002

On February 1st, Walt and Ryan headed out to Giant Mine with a structural engineer with AD Williams Engineering Incorporated to perform a preliminary assessment on the three buildings of highest priority at the site of our future museum. These were the Warehouse/Commissary, Rec-Hall, and Powerhouse/Hoist room.

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Wednesday, Jan 30th, 2002

Happy New Year! Our group met mid month to start planning the upcoming year. Once we had got our financial dealings out of the way, we discussed our future plans. Again, we discussed the options for fixing the buildings at Giant.

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Sunday, Dec 30th, 2001

December was one the quitest months for our group. Tis' the holiday season, afterall!

The only thing worth mentioning is that the web-page underwent re-designing during the month by Ryan Silke. By the New Year, the new page should be uploaded to our domain server. We hope the new design will please visitors.

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Friday, Nov 30th, 2001

November was an exciting month for our group as it would prove to be our first step towards major fundraising.

As previously planned, we would sell our headframe mugs and heritage calendars at the 2001 Geosciene Forum. We would also do the coat check service at the Capitol Theatre and receive a percentage of the registration profits from the Forum organizers.

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Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2001

The month was that of change and progress for the group, as new members joined and old ones left.

The group was given a key the Commissary at Giant Mine and we now have free access to the building. Thanks to Miramar Giant Mines Limited for that! The building will be used as a warehouse for the artifacts we have collected.

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