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Work Party At Museum Site


On Wednesday June 6, 2012, we had a work party at the site and got a lot accomplished. We put a coat of varathane on the new picnic tables, the head frame was fixed up and painted, flowers were planted and we painted the pony wall under the rec hall above the new foundation.  It was a good start to a long list of chores. 

We would like to thank Ken Hall, Walt Humphries, Diane Baldwin, Mike Vaydik, Ryan Silke, Steve Clark and Dave Kellett for their help in accomplishing all this work.  We would also like to thank Ron Kapicki of Aurora Decorating Center for donating the paint.  Our log cabin at the site needs to be levelled and we are trying to find some jacks we can borrow to jack up the cabin and put some blocks under it.  If you have jacks we can use please send me an email.