Summer 2004

The Society had a busy summer, in part due to the fact that both Giant and Con Mines were shutting down and starting there clean up process. We were busy doing equipment and artifact acquisition at the mine sites and some on-site building repairs at the A Shaft Area. We hope everybody noticed the big sign on the Giant Mine recreation hall, proclaiming the future site of the N.W.T. Mining Heritage Center. We hope this will raise awareness of our plans.

We started the summer with a membership barbecue at the site, which approximately 60 people attended. A new display of three pieces of mine equipment was installed outside of the Northern Frontier Visitors Center. A five year business plan was drawn up by Wayne Bryant and approved by the board of directors.

Land Lease: A land lease application has been submitted to the city of Yellowknife and it is now working its way through the bureaucratic corridors. Supporting documents with this lease are our new five year business plan, a letter from the GNWT Department of Highways agreeing to our proposal and a survey plan of the lease prepared by SubArctic Surveys.

Artifact Acquisition: We took upon the task of acquiring numerous things from now closed Con Mine and Giant Mines. Ryan Silke, Walt Humphries, Mike Vaydik, and Gord Piro went through the Robertson Shaft complex and geology offices. They gathered up a lot of paperwork, memorabilia, rock samples, maps, and other neat supplies during June and July. We also tagged and identified numerous pieces of equipment marshaled outside the Robertson shaft headframe and in the Giant Boneyard and we were given approval to remove them from the site. Plans are underway to move this equipment next spring.

With the help of Chris Bromley's flat bed truck, we were able to move from stuff from Con, Negus, and Giant properties to the Giant townsite parking lot, where they will be included as part of the display being erected there. Thanks to Gord Piro, Scott McKay, and Mitch Bromley for the assistance.

Giant Boat Launch Parking Display: The city was able to complete the landscaping that was needed in order for us to erect the equipment display around the Giant Townsite Parking Lot. Thanks to bulldozer operator Merv Templeton for making a nice grade! Unfortunately, it was completed at the end of August - too late in the season to arrange the construction of the display, however much time was spent marshalling the things needed for the display, such as rail spike, rail timber and mine track.

Con Log Cabin: We talked with Blair Weatherby about this again, and he is certainly willing to help us move the cabin to Giant Mine. No work was done during the summer unfortunately, due largely to Weatherby's time schedule.

Site Issues: We patched the roof of the Powerhouse and Hoist Room buildings during June 2004. Thanks to Walt, Ryan, Scott, and Gord for the help. This is temporary patchwork, but should last for as many years as it takes for us to get the buildings fully rehabilitated. The artifacts in the warehouse were also organized and we acquired a number of display cases from the Prince of Wales Heritage Center.

Headframe Inspection: We have applied for the funds to get the headframe aligned, but no work was done over the period. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center (E.C.E.) will be providing the funds. Phil Nolan's inspection report will be used as justification.

New Merchandise: This year we created new merchandise - souvenir drill bits and rail spikes, in honour of the city's now closed gold mines. The pieces have been painted gold and bear a sticker which reads â€œYellowknife Gold Mines 1938-2004" The bits make particularly good candleholders. These are available at a price of $5 each from the society, at the N.W.T. Chamber of Mines or the Northern Frontier Visitors Center in Yellowknife. They will also be on sale at the 2004 Geoscience Forum in November 2004, together with our new batch of calendars.