Robertson Headframe Meeting

We are seeking your support! As you are aware the council will be voting on whether to save the head frame or not this upcoming June 9th. Some of the board members and interested parties met last night to discuss this. We would like to organize a rally of Yellowknife citizens in support of saving this important landmark of Yellowknife.  It is one of the last great monuments that pays tribute to our  mining past. The costs to save it or miniscule in comparison to other city projects. If we knock it down we will pretty much obliterate any trace that mining was what built Yellowknife and the eclectic and unique community that came with it.

On June 9th at 11:30AM , we invite you to join us outside city hall . Walt has made up buttons that he will be distributing and I am sure we can put together some signs. Space permitting, we will then congregate inside for the council meeting at noon.
If you are available and interested in attending please let me know. The more voices heard the better chance we have at making a difference in this decision.
I also encourage you to email City council at
Thanks for your support!
Walt Humphries, president
NWT Mining Heritage Society