Request for Proposals

The Yellowknife Historical Society is a registered not-for-profit society. The Society intends to open a Museum and Interpretive Centre focusing on the rich history of the Yellowknife area. The focus of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to seek expertise to conduct a feasibility study, which will include a market analysis and a business case for the economic and operational viability of the proposed Centre. RFP documents are available as of June 15, 2019.

Proposal submission deadline: July 15, 2019, 4pm MST

Lowest or any proposal not necessarily accepted

Terms of Reference documents and Yellowknife Historical Society business plan available.

Contact the coordinator at for more information.

Proponent Questions and Answers

1) What is driving the required finish date of September 15? Is there any flexibility to extend the end date into the Fall of 2019 to enable a more comprehensive study?

We hope to be in a position by late fall 2019 to present a comprehensive case to potential funders who will need to know the outcome of this feasibility study in order to consider funding options by Q1 2020

2) To what degree will the Project Team (p. 13 of the Business plan) be involved in the work on this Feasibility Study? What will their role be?

The Society President and two directors will be involved in answering questions or assisting the successful bidder by providing relevant local information or other information as requested by the consultants involved.

3) Are the physical design plans in the Business Plan irrevocable? Or are you looking for an architect on a study team to review and perhaps modify them, potentially with capital cost implications?

The Society has had architects/engineers involved in these preliminary designs which are included in the Business Plan. The overall layout and location of the main display area, the coffee shop/gift shop, administration and offices and storage are anticipated to remain as generally laid out. Therefore, the Society did not see a need for an architect at this stage.

4) Should the capital costs in Appendix C of the Business Plan and operating costs be reviewed in the feasibility study?

The Society owns the building and future costs related to building retrofit are not part of this RFP. However, the operational costs related to the viability of maintaining and operating a facility will need to be reviewed in the context of market and economic feasibility of the project for a sustainable operation.

5) Can you provide any guidance regarding the overall budget allocation for this work?

Since this feasibility study does not involve siting of a building or location of the centre (as these higher cost components are already in place) it is assumed that the study will need to focus on the marketing research, the feasibility of economic projections for use of the facility including verifying expected projections for numbers of visitors and an overall likelihood of achieving a sustainable operation. The Society does not wish to explicitly state what budget was available for this Feasibility study as it preferred to solicit bids for this work.

6) Will the successful Proposal be used to secure government funding to carry out the study? 

Yes, as explained under timing above. The Society anticipates that with a positive feasibility study they will have a good chance of garnering funding from Government (Federal, Territorial and Municipal) agencies.