Newsletter - September 2019


The Society AGM is scheduled for Thursday October 3 at 6:30pm, at the Baker’s Centre. There will be a motion to make changes to our Constitution and Bylaws to better reflect the current direction of the Society, and an election of officers for the upcoming year. Please come down for an evening social with snacks, and a chance to catch up on our plans and activities!


Earlier this year, the Society decided to engage a consultant to research the feasibility of our museum plans in Yellowknife. A contract has been signed with Martin Theberge Consultants and Playground Creative Agency and meetings held in Yellowknife to provide them with direction and information. The Agency will: prepare a feasibility study, prepare a business case, and perform stakeholder and community consultation as needed to evaluate Society assumptions and conclusions. The final report is expected to be ready in October.

We expect that these studies will help us to tap into and increase the Yellowknife and Territorial tourism market. We do also believe that the outcome of these studies will increase and enhance the Society’s chances for gathering the necessary funding from Government agencies.


The Giant Mine Remediation Project is scheduled to proceed within the next couple of years, and timelines and proposals are now being shared with the concerned public. The Society’s board of directors believes that the project will have a significant impact on the Society’s future land use of the area. Contaminated soil remediation is expected to take place at various areas around the Giant Mine Townsite Lease, including the City Boat Launch Parking Lot. Although we have been assured by the Project team that activities on our lease will not be impacted by surrounding cleanup activities, other components of the Society’s investments are at risk, including the Outdoor Display and other assets.

The Society notified the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board of our intent to claim compensation as part of the water license process. Together with our sublease arrangements, the Society has customary use of areas outside of the lease in which we have invested significant time and money, particularly the Outdoor Display area and the Commissary building, which we use for storage. These areas are at risk during remediation. We have applied for compensation to be reimbursed for the cost of moving the Outdoor Display machinery and buildings, and in order to be compensated for the potential loss of the storage building. Where available the Society has obtained quotes for the costs that could be incurred.

Technical Sessions were held in July and September of 2019 and attended by members of the Society to voice our concerns. The Society, as an intervenor in the water license process, will also be attending the Public Hearings to be held at a later date.


The barge arrived this year at 5:10 on June 15, 2019 (time guessed correctly by Beth Williams and Annie Piche) and a grand party was had by all! Thanks to all the people that bought tickets and supported the event through sponsorship and volunteer hours. Joe Snow and the Forty Below, Notorious PIT, and the NWT Pipe Band provided the live entertainment, while Loren McGinnis performed incredibly as our master of ceremonies. There was an amazing turnout for the costume prizes this year!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our volunteers, sponsors and attendees of the 11th Beer Barge BBQ Bash!! It was a tremendous success! We could not have done it without you!


Sarah Gervais, Tim Young, Mickey Brown, Marie Adams, Dianne Baldwin, Didier Bourgois, Sophie Roher, Donna Latremouille, Brian Latham, Pamela Strand, Lindsay Ransom, Eric Chalker, John Clark, Michele Taylor, Beth Cowan, Julianna Kaiser, Nigel Bocking, Carole Monnet, Anna Soininen, Anita Reiss, Barb O'Neill, Marijil Gregnen, Amanda Annand, Dave Lovell, Walt Humphries, Terry Warner, Kaebri Ziolkowski, Helmut Epp, Ritika Joshi, Norah Higden, Myste Anderson, John Dalton, Marie-Francoise Le Doze, Adam Findley, Dave Kellett, Steve W, David Alexander, Natalie Pallisco, Thomas Laboucon, Ryan Silke, David Finch


AHMIC Air, Quality Furniture, East Arm Freighting, Territorial Beverages, TerraX Minerals Inc., Superior Propane, Signed, Northern News Services, GNWT- Support to Northern Performers, Lynn Elkin of Ptarmigan PTheatrics, NWT Brewing Company, Event Rentals Yellowknife, Yvonne Quick, Kathi Woodward

A special note of gratitude to:  Steven Jeffrey and Max Ward for the use of the Ward Air dock and Ryan Dempster of Pido Productions


Volunteer work parties continued during June-July-August and September, to finish gutting the interior of the museum building and conduct various repairs. We had a team jack up the pool table and put it on wheels, and we did a lot of vacuuming and other small repairs to replace rotting sections of flooring. Summit Roofing built a loading dock, and many loads of debris were carted to the dump. Thanks to all the people who helped out this summer: Walt Humphries, Helmut Epp, Ryan Silke, Tracey Bryant, Velma Sterenberg, Donna Latremouille, Chris Cameron, Ken Hall, David Finch, Barb O’Neill, Marie Adams, Didier Bourgois, Dingeman van Bochove, Conrad and Ben Schubert, Dave Kellett, and Pamela Taylor. Ryan and Helmet have been leading the renovations, and a special shout out to Chris Cameron who hasn't missed a single work party!


The Yellowknife Historical Society envisions the museum site at Giant Mine as a place that celebrates all aspects of Yellowknife's interesting history, from its Indigenous stories, geological setting, prospecting, the industrial activities of the gold mines, and the pioneer entrepreneurs that began the town in the 1930s. Inside we will be displaying mining and Yellowknife history and that should broaden its appeal and increase the number of visitors.


Yellowknife Historical Society

Box 1856 Yellowknife NT X1A 2P4          


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Helmut Epp, president

Ryan Silke, vice president

David Finch, sec-treasurer

Walt Humphries

Diane Baldwin

Marie Adams

John Clark

Terry Warner

Mike Vaydik

Tracey Bryant, coordinator