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Newsletter - October 2008


Updates from the Society

The Society has taken a hiatus on construction and renovations this year but it has been busy lining things up for next year. We have been paying down our debt on the extra work that Arcan Construction had to do when the new roof was put on the Rec Hall. We have also been working with the city to acquire a lease on the site and we have been exploring fundraising strategies.

The Society now has 101 individual and 15 corporate members. This is our largest membership since we were formed and it shows a great degree of private and corporate support for our project. The Society has attained funding from a couple sources, which ensures that we can maintain our office at the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre and the services of Steven Clark, as our part time coordinator.

We are happy to announce that Linda Bussey is once again helping us with our fundraising endeavours. We have also been working with Contaminated Sites-INAC to acquire some old machinery and geological samples from the proposed mine site clean ups at Great Bear Lake.

We joined the Volunteer Canada in part so that we could get insurance for the society. We hired Guy Architects to do the architectural drawing for renovations to the Rec Hall and now have them in hand. Now we have detailed plans of the work that needs to be done once the money comes in. We are also working on doing a small repair to the foundation of the building where an old wooden retaining wall has started to fail. The wooden wall will be replaced with a concrete wall next spring.

New heritage calendars are being produced and will be available for sale. They feature photographs donated to our society over the years. Thank you to all of those that have contributed to our collection!

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