Newsletter - November 2007

Mine Tours

Summer Wrap-up

The summer and fall season is over and we had a very productive season. We replaced the roof of the recreation hall, continued work on the outdoor display, achieved charity status, applied to numerous government programs and private charity funds, documented old mine sites, retrieved important artifacts from old mines, and sorted through our large collection of documents, photos, and books.

The fundraising program has not been as fruitful as we hoped but slowly we are getting money. Most of the private charities we applied to could not offer us any funds for this year; some large mining companies were also unable to commit any money, however DeBeers donated $5,000 to help cover this year’s work. Interior renovations will cost many thousands of dollars so hopefully we will be able to solicit more funding over the winter. Thank you to all the members for their support this summer.

Activities and Updates

Resignation of Deb Bain: Deb Bain who was on our Board of Directors had to step down because she is now involved with the Giant Mine Remediation Project and this puts her in a conflict of interest. She will remain a member of our Society but we will miss her as an active director. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her work on the Membership Committee. Ryan Silke will take over her duties with membership.

Rec Hall: The new roof is on and looking good. We had a couple of work parties back in September to add blocking to the rafters to brace them for the winters snow load. Thanks to Joe Chorotowski and his sons Brad and Brian of J&R Mechanical for all the assistance.

Fundraising: The rec hall roof is now paid for but more money is needed for the rest of the renovations. Teck-Cominco could not support our project this year but they will look at our project for next years budget. The wheels of government continue to slowly turn. The applications we submitted to Heritage Canada for museum funding are still being processed.

Con Mine Book: The Con Book is selling well and people seem to be enjoying it. It will be given out to speakers at the upcoming Geoscience Forum. Some people have asked when we will do a Giant Mine book, but that would involve finding the necessary funding, as well as the time and the energy to put it all together. The Con book was done entirely by volunteers.

Society is Now Hiring: The Society is hoping to get a grant to hire a person to work on contact for four or five months to research, explore and secure funding for the society from government, mining companies and businesses so we can continue with our work to finish off the outdoor display and to renovate the rec hall and turn it into a museum. We may also get funds to hire a part time coordinator to look after our books, correspondence, membership, and files and to help with the fundraising materials. So if you or anyone you know might be interested in either of these positions please contact Walt 873-5486 for further details.

Visitors Centre Display Case: The Walter Gibbins mineral display case will be moved from the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre due to renovations and the diamond display being put in there. It may be moved to the Greenstone Building until the rec hall is renovated.

Donations: Donations have included some Discovery Mine paperwork (financial reports, pay records, and assay logs) donated by Lloyd Lush of L&D Maintenance, and some paperwork and old equipment from Tundra Mine courtesy of Dan Haldorson, manager with Aboriginal Engineering Limited who were involved in the remediation at Tundra Mine this summer. We would also like to thank Shaun Talbot and Tli-Cho Landtran for their assistance with the Tundra Mine machinery. Our library collection also grows thanks to donations from the Chamber of Mines and Brian Weir. Brian donated a large collection of rare northern books. We would like to thank Leon Johnson and Matco for getting the books to us from Kelowna free of charge.

Tyler Heal Book: Tyler Heal’s book on road names in Yellowknife should be available at the YK Bookceller in time for Christmas and the proceeds from the sale of this book will be coming to our Society. We would certainly like to thank Tyler and the City of Yellowknife Heritage Committee for this.

Upcoming Events

Geoscience Forum: Nov. 20-22 Our society will have a booth at the trade show to sell books, renew memberships and fly the flag. If you can help man the booth contact us. On November 20th, 7pm at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Dr. Tim Patterson, Cosmoclimatology, will present on climate change. This event is open to the public.

Baker Center X-Mas Sale: Nov. 24 At the Baker Centre from noon until 4. We will have a booth to sell Con Book and other merchandise.

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