Newsletter - January 2007

I hope that everyone had a good Yule Tide and that 2007 is an exceptionally good year for you all. The NWT MINING HERITAGE SOCIETY has certainly grown and is planning for a busy 2007. Due to our growth and to the size and complexity of the projects we are undertaking, we will have to adjust the way we do things a little. What I envision is that committees be formed to undertake specific goals and projects. Hopefully this approach will engage our members more, spread the workload around and make things more efficient.

To start with, we have re-organized our membership structure a little. Our membership fee is still ten dollars a year but the membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Attached is a copy of our current 2007 membership list and if your name isn’t on this list yet and you wish to remain a member please contact us and we will update our information. It is important to remember that as the membership grows, it shows community support and our ability to fundraise increases. Please encourage friends and co-workers to sign up and show their support.

We have been contracted by Miramar Con Mine to create a 50-page pictorial history book on Con Mine. We are in the initial phase of getting organized to do this and it should be completed and printed by May of 2007. The Society will retain the copyright to this book. Miramar will receive a number of copies for their employees and the rest will be the property of the society, so they can be sold as a part of our fund-raising activities. At present Walt Humphries, Ryan Silke, Yvonne Quick and Ken Hall have begun working on this project, but we welcome others who can help or contribute their expertise. We could particularly use some help when it comes to editing, layout and graphics.

In conjunction with the book project, we have started to organize our photographic collection, which continues to grow. Last year we were given close to a hundred photographs of the Thompson-Lundmark Mine when it was in operation and at the recent Geoscience Forum we were given two boxes of photographs of Arnold Smith’s, mostly of Negus Mine. Don Helfrick has also given us a disc of photos that were found in an old Bible. Combine these with the photographs that were salvaged from both Giant and Con Mine, you can see that our photo library is growing.

We have decided that when photographs or slides come in, they will be scanned and copies of discs made. One copy will go into a safety deposit box for safekeeping and another will go into our photo archive collection. That way all photographs in our collection will be on disc. We will also do an inventory of the discs and what is on them for our records. We have started scanning the Con Mine photographs, since we will be using them for the book project, but hopefully we will get all of our photos on disc this year. If anyone feels like volunteering to help with organizing the photos or scanning them please contact us. Yvonne Quick and Ryan Silke have started scanning photos from our collection.

Once the photographs are on disc, they will be much easier to use and we thought we could organize some showings at the Baker Center to get people to help us identify some of the people and places in the photos. It is contemplated that some slide show presentations be made from these photos to be shown at our meetings and as an education and outreach tool. We also have a video made by the Murdock Mosher family from the 1930’s -50s with scenes from Yellowknife and across Canada.

The Society has contracted Arcan Roofing & Siding to put a new roof on the old Giant Rec Hall, which is the first step in developing it into an interpretive center. This will be done in March and April before the big melt starts. It is estimated that this will cost close to $100,000.00 and we currently have $80,000.00 in the bank, so we are close but still have to do a little more fund raising to complete this project.

Now that we are entering the renovation stage of work on the Rec Hall, fund-raising has become much more important because the more money we raise the faster the work can proceed. We need money for insurance, power hook up to the building and to complete the architectural drawings for the inside of the building. Then we will need funding for renovations and for site development. So, in the New Year we will have to form a committee that looks into finding sources for funds, to apply for grants and to co-ordinate our fund raising activities.

Now that we are dealing with substantial sums of money, we will need someone either a volunteer or paid part time book keeper to look after our books and an accountant to do a yearly audit of our finances. If you have any suggestions in this regard please let us know.

Towards the end of January we will be holding our AGM. We hope you will come out to this meeting. If you are interested in heading or serving on a committee or serving on the board of directors, please let us know. We welcome your participation and appreciate your continued support!

Walt Humphries
Society President