Newsletter - February 2007

Welcome to our new format for newsletters and progress updates. The NWT Mining Heritage Society has a busy year planned and in order to inform our membership of upcoming activities, we have designed this formal newsletter which we plan to mail out several times a year. Activities and work parties, notices of important meetings, and details on what we have been working on in the last few months will all be included. Photographs of our events or activities, plus historical photos from our collections, will also be displayed. If you would like to contribute material, whether a photo-graph or perhaps a short story, please let us know. We have several projects planned for this year, so please continue to check your email for updates. Notices will also be placed on our website. Thanks for supporting the mining museum!

Good Luck Lynda!

As many of you know, our long time coordinator Lynda Comerford has stepped down from her post. Lynda was our coordinator since the inception of our group in 2000 and we would probably not have made it to this stage without her expertise and dedication. We are sad to see her go but can understand that the Society was putting increased demands on her time. She couldn’t make our AGM on January 22, so at our last Board Meeting, Lynda was presented with a certificate thanking her for all her work over the years and she was given a parting gift of a plate of amethyst crystals.

Lynda is staying on as a member of the society, so she isn’t leaving just stepping down as our part time coordinator. However her presence at Board Meetings will certainly be missed. Best of luck Lynda! Currently, board members are filling in the coordinators duties, but in the near future the society will have to hire the services of a paid part time coordinator.

Annual General Meeting

On January 22 the society held its AGM at the Northern Frontiers Visitors Centre. We had a good turn out of members. Awards were presented to three people this year. Brooke Madsen was given an award of appreciation for the heritage fair project she did last year on our society and she was given a gift certificate for the bookstore. In return Brooke surprised us by giving the society a Bonny Madsen print of the Giant C shaft.

Blair Weatherby and Weatherby’s trucking were given a certificate of appreciation for all the help they have given us over the years moving equipment around. Our outdoor display wouldn’t have been possible without their help. Blair was given a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Wayne and Mary Bryant was given a certificate of appreciation for being founding members of our Society and for all the help they have given us over the years. They were always out for volunteer activities and we certainly appreciate having our annual get to gathers at Mary and Friends Tearoom. They were also given a bronze statue of a miner.

After the presentations we ran through the Society business. The Society elected a new board of directors. It was also decided to raise our annual membership dues from $10 to $20 dollars, with a discount for students and seniors. We then had a slide show of some of the photos the society has in its collection.

Photo Collections

The Society’s photo collection is being scanned onto discs, so it will be easier for us to use and view. Also a copy of all the discs will be stored in a safety deposit box for safekeeping. If you have any photos of society events or of a historic nature that you would like to share, please contact one of the board members.

Upcoming Events

The Society will be putting on a slide show, talk and discussion “Memories of Con Mine”. It will be held at the Baker Centre on Sunday February 11 from 2pm to 5pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. The Society now has its own projector and screen for comput-erized slide shows. This is part of our project to gather up photos and stories about Con Mine for the Pictorial History Book the Society is working on. We would like to have a draft copy of the book ready for the end of March so if anyone has any photographs of Con mine particularly of the town site or gardens please contact us.

Download PDF-version of newsletter here