Newsletter - April 2007

Snow sculpting

Rec Hall Repairs Underway

If you have driven by the old Giant Mine Recreation Hall recently, you will see that Arcan Roofing has started to do work on the building. The old roof has been stripped off and the materials have arrived on site for the new metal roof. A little woodwork and carpentry has to be done to replace some rotten timbers. We expected to have to do some of this, but the water damage is a little more extensive then anticipated, so this will add to our costs. Once the woodwork is done, they will start putting on the new roof. We hope to have the job completed by the end of the month and then depending on our finances we will start on other indoor renovations.

Snow Sculpting

The society competed in the snow carving event at the Caribou Carnival last month. Our valiant team of volunteers created a magnificent image of an ore car full of kids and a raven, entering an adit for a mine tour. It did not win a prize but it was one of the most photographed sculptures at the event. Our thanks go out to Wayne and Mary Bryant, Pattie Beales, Diane Baldwin, Mike Vaydik, Ryan Silke and Dave Kellet for all their hard work.

Society Updates

Letters and packages have been sent out to over two hundred companies in the hopes of raising money to cover the costs of the new roof and so we can begin the other renovations on the building when the snow clears. Our fundraising committee could always use more volunteers and fundraising ideas. We also need people who can search the internet for foundations, government programs or companies, which might give grants to a project such as ours. A notice will go out when we organize our next committee meeting.

The production of a Pictorial History Book of Con Mine is on schedule and the draft copy is being proof-read. The Society has purchased an ‘Epson’ Scanner to scan in our collection of old slides and photographs. We should be assembling a final draft of the book starting mid April and hope to have the book ready to go to the printers in May. We are currently getting quotes for production costs.

We arranged to salvage a few pieces of equipment from the old Tundra Mine which Ryan Silke and Deb Bain had identified last year. With the help of Aboriginal Engineering Ltd. and Tli’Cho Landtran Transportation these items have been brought back to Yellowknife on the winter road.

Members Ryan and Alf Silke snowmobiled up to Thompson-Lundmark to retrieve old mining junk in the ruins of the burned mine.

Upcoming Events

Last year, the Society had a booth at the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Spring Trade show and Sandy Lee suggested that we do it again this year. The board of directors agreed, so we booked a booth for this year’s trade show which will be held Saturday May 12th and Sunday 13th from 10 am until 5 pm.

They expect that approximately 7,000 people will visit the trade show. We will set up our booth and it will be a chance for us to sell a little merchandise, sign up some new members and raise awareness about our society and its goals. We will need some volunteers to run the booth so if anyone is interested please let us know.

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