Newsletter - April 2006

This is an update on our activities for any members who missed our April 19 general meeting.

The Society has booked a booth at the annual trade show taking place at the Multiplex. We will set up our display booth, sell books, spikes and drill bits, and hopefully raise awareness for our group. If you’d like to volunteer for a couple of hours, please contact Walt or Diane at 873-5486 or Lynda at 873-4746.

We plan to repair the rec hall roof this summer and in preparation for this we are putting out a request for proposals to the architecture/engineering firms in town. We need some detailed specifications on just what needs to be done to the building and how best to proceed with the various renovations. Once we have a firm on contract, we will begin to renovate the building. The priorities are a new roof, a new side entranceway, getting an electrical system installed and then renovating the main inside room. We also plan to do a general clean-up of the site and the outside of the building. We’ll be looking for volunteers, so if you are interested contact Walt at 873-5486 or watch your email for planned work parties.

The outdoor display around the boat launch parking lot is ready to be assembled this spring and summer. We have the ties and rails needed to lay down the track and then the various pieces of equipment can be put into position. We also plan to move the old log Brock headframe and put it beside the Con Cabin. We will fix up the cabin and put some sort of static display inside – one that people can view through the door window. This project will also require some volunteer labour, so if you are interested contact Walt at 873-5486 or watch your email for planned work parties.

If anyone is interested in getting involved in fundraising, please give us a call. This is a very important job at this stage. There are three target groups we can look to.
The first are the large mining and exploration companies working in the north. We also plan to canvass the local businesses which are affiliated with mining and mineral exploration or tourism to look for donations. We also need to tap into foundations, organizations and government departments which give grants for projects of this nature. We need to raise funds so we can proceed with the renovations, and it goes without saying but I will say it anyway, the more we have in the kitty, the faster we can get things done.

The Society would like to extend its congratulations to Brooke Madsen, a grade 7 student from Yellowknife, who did a heritage project on the NWT Mining Heritage Society, and is now advancing to the Territorial finals. Her project had replicas/ models of the various buildings we plan to save, notes, photos and a DVD movie. It really is something to see and we hope to have it on display for Mining Week this year.

GEORGE HUNTER SHOW (“Not Only Gold” photographic exhibit)
Book sales are going well and copies can be obtained from the Society or at the Northern Frontier Visitors Center. We took 36 of the photographs that were on display in the PWNHC to the Prospector and Developers Conference in Toronto in March, and they were well received.The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre will be closed this summer, so we are going to check into the possibility of setting up the photo display in the Legislative Assembly or some other public venue around town.

Our collection of artifacts continues to grow. We managed to salvage a few things from Discovery Mine and we still have some things to collect from the old Giant Mine site. Once we get a new roof on the rec hall we should be able to move the display cases over to that building, which will give us more room in the warehouse to organize our various things. It will also give us a chance to start to organize what our final displays will look like. That’s it for now. We look forward to all those volunteer phone calls!