March 2006 Update

This update covers our society's activities between January and March of 2006. While winter puts a halt to most of our outdoor activities, work continues in the planning, promotion, fundraising, and organization process of creating our mining museum. 

Donations: A load of tracked mining machinery from the Con Mine was donated by Miramar Mining and brought to our site in January 2006. Equipment includes two small battery locomotives, three flat cars, fuel tank cars, and other track equipment which will be used on our future display at the Giant townsite parking lot. A special thanks to Blair Weatherby Trucking for performing the transport of this material from Con to Giant. With this last load of equipment, our collection of items from Con Mine is generally complete. 

Heritage Award: The society extends its congratulations to Roger Zarudski and the family of Mike Piro (deceased) for winning the 2005 City of Yellowknife Heritage Award in February 2006. For many years, Roger and Mike flew around the north in search of old mining site ruins. They also helped to promote Yellowknife’s history through the Spirit YK society. Mike passed away in 2000, but Roger continues this passion through his involvement in our society. 

Discovery Mine Stuff: The cleanup crews who remediated and demolished the abandoned Discovery Mine last summer brought our heritage items to Yellowknife over the winter road. A special thanks to the cleanup team for ensuring that at least some parts of the old mine were saved. 

PDAC 2006: Members of our society made the annual trip to Toronto for the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada convention. We brought down a selection of George Hunter photos from our exhibit “Not Only Gold”, and set them up in the NWT Area of the convention. Good exposure for the society was received during this event. Special thanks to the RWED Minerals, Oils and Gas Division for sponsoring the transportation of the photos to Toronto, and also for the society members who oversaw its operations (Walt Humphries, Diane Baldwin, Mike Vaydik), and others who were involved in its dismantling and erection at both ends (George Hunter, Terry Pamplin at the PWNHC, Christy Campbell, and Kelly Mahoney). 

Volunteer involvement in all areas of the society’s operation continues to be excellent, and we wish to give thanks and recognition to the membership for all the work they have done in recent months. 

Discussions and planning for this year’s activities are underway, and we hope to have a very active Spring and Summer season as we proceed with site development. The Giant Mine parking lot display, continued equipment collection at Giant Mine, and the start of renovations to the recreation hall is on the agenda.