March 2005 Update

This update covers our society's activities between January and March of 2005. Naturally, the winter months prevent outdoor activities, but in the meantime work continues in the planning, promotion, and organization process of creating our mining museum. 

January Get-Together: Having missed the opportunity to have a Christmas party this year, the society hosted a small get-together or 'gala' at Mary's Tea Room on January 19th 2005. The goal was to bring the society membership together to update them on our progress and promote our ideas and bring in new members. In this way, the gala was a success. Unveiled at the party was our new logo, designed by Diana Curtis, a Yellowknife artist. The logo features a headframe and an airplane in the distance. 

Heritage Award: The society was awarded the 2005 Heritage Award from the City of Yellowknife for our work in preserving local history. President Walt Humphries accepted the award on behalf of the society during the February 23rd ceremony. 

Donations: Edward Thompson, son of Fred Thompson - the discoverer of the Thompson-Lundmark Mine - donated some material to us in March. Coincidently, the society was contacted by Ron Lundmark at the same time. Ron is the son of Roy Lundmark, the partner who was also involved in the staking. He has pictures, maps, and journals which the family is willing to donate to our future museum. We also recieved some photos from Dale Atrell who worked at Giant Mine in the 1940s. Herb Heinz, a long-time Con Mine employee, passed away this year and his family donated a valuable collection of artifacts and photos. Thank you to everbody for the additions to our collection! 

Members of our society attended the annual PDAC Conference in Toronto and made several contacts, including famous photographers George Hunter. A photo exhibit featuring a number of his photos of local Yellowknife mines is planned for this summer. Sales of calendars and other merchandise has been good.