Fall 2004

This update covers our society's activities between October and December of 2004. Winter came early to the north this year with major snow falls in September so this put an end to some of our outdoor activities.

Annual General Meeting: Our 3rd Annual General Meeting was held on October 20th, 2004 and was attended by close to 30 people. It was held at the Northern Frontiers Visitors Centre. After the usual year-end business, a board of directors was elected. The board remains the same with the exception of Gord Piro who stepped down because he is currently attending school at Buffalo Airways. Gord has been responsible for the production of our calendars for three years, and his talents will be missed!

Board of Directors 2004-2006 

As identified at the AGM of October 20th 2004.

  • Walt Humphries - President
  • Mike Vaydik - Vice President
  • Wayne Bryant - Secretary Treasurer
  • Diane Baldwin, Denie Olmstead, Mike Byrne

Then Mike Borden, Robert Tumchewics, Ken Hall, and Spence Robertson shared stories about their time growing up at the mining camps. The stories touched on life at Discovery, Con, Giant and Bluefish Hydro. It gave some very interesting insights into life at the mining camps.

Merchandise: The commemorative rail spikes and drill bits were ready for sale early in September and our annual heritage calendar was ready for the Geoscience Forum. We are very happy with this year's edition. The calendars are on sale at the NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines, the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre, and the Yellowknife Bookcellar. The rail spikes and drill bits are available at the Chamber of Mines and the Visitors Centre or from Society members. President Walt Humphries, always the brilliant marketer, highlighted a unique feature of our drill bits - turned upside down, they make excellent candleholders! With this feature, sales were wonderful leading up to Christmas.

2004 Geoscience Forum: The 2004 Geoscience Forum was also very successful. We had a table for a small artifact showcase and we also had our merchandise for sale. There was also general information on display for prospective members or interested dignitaries. Thanks to Walt Humphries, Diane Baldwin, Ken Hall, and everybody else for setting up and manning this event.

Our membership is steadily growing and we are attracting more attention and interest with every event.

A-Shaft Repairs: Funds have been acquired from the Education and Culture Department of the GNWT to conduct repair work on the A-shaft headframe at Giant Mine. Work will be conducted in 2005.

Recreation Hall Lease: The application is still being processed within the bureaucratic confines of Yellowknife City Hall. Survey information of the lot was asked for. Subarctic Surveyors kindly drew up some plans and these were provided to the city.

Logo: Our new logo is being designed and will be unveiled early in 2005.

Donations: A small but facinating collection of photographs was donated by Frances Hunter in December. Her father worked at Thompson-Lundmark Mine in the 1940s. Thanks for the donation, Frances!