Fall 2003

A board meeting was held on Thursday, September 18th 2003, and the second Annual General Meeting took place Thursday, October 16th 2003.

Artifact Collection: During October, Ryan Silke was in charge of artifact collection from the Con Mine. Permission was granted to browse through the old records from the mill office and geology department and take whatever items (which included old correspondence, reports, maps, etc) the society was interested in. This consisted of several rolls of maps and plans, 10 boxes of data, numerous old ledgers, plus small momentos and souvenirs. Demolition at the Robertson Shaft complex will begin this winter, as will cleanup begin at other areas of the mine site.

Rick Muyres and Walt Humphries organized the acquisition of old equipment from the Con and Negus boneyards. Most of this equipment is now on display at Muyre's Old Town property, adding to the display of old trucks which were set up last fall. The display includes several ore cars, a locomotive, mucking machines, and auxiliary carts on a rail track, plus two large fly-wheels from Negus' old Ruston diesel engines, a man-cage, hoist, and other machinery. The society has also acquired the Con Mine Equipment Display. Some of this will be put at the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre, while other peices will be put in storage until a location is found for their display. There is a possibility that we will be erecting a display of equipment at the Giant Mine boat launch parking lot, near our proposed mining museum.

Annual General Meeting: The Board of Directors remains as elected last year going into their second and last term. Chuck Arnold has resigned from the Board due to his busy schedule, but Gord Piro has agreed to take his place for the time being. Chuck will try to remain an active member of the society.

Airport Display: A new display has been erected at the Yellowknife Airport. Check it out! The society has a number of rock samples and mining artifacts inside, plus space has been reserved for a display of diamonds by BHP Billiton!

Geoscience Forum 2003: This year the society decided to dispense with the production of our Heritage Mugs seeing as how we had already inflated the market in past years. Production of our calendars continued however, this year with a more direct mining theme: each month comes with a picture of a different mine headframe. Thanks to Gord Piro for designing and organizing the merchandise. The calendars were on sale at the Geoscience Forum, November 19-21st 2003, and will also be available at the NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines office in Yellowknife.

2nd Annual Christmas Party: Although much smaller in size than last years social gathering, the Christmas party was attended by several of the society's members and other interested individuals. A special thanks to Mary's Tea Room (Mary and Wayne Bryant) for hosting this event.