Construction Underway

Construction and repairs to the Giant Mine recreation hall are underway in July, August, September and October 2018. Crews with Paul Brothers Nextreme Inc have been busy removing hazardous waste and framing new exterior walls. By the end of the summer, the building will have new windows, doors, and siding. This is an important phase of construction for the proposed museum facility. Here are images of the different stages of work underway.

Prior to renovations

Yellow aluminum siding has been removed exposing original asbestoside

Removal of asbestos

Removal of asbestos

Exposing deteriorated walls

Eddie Paul gives a tour discussing proposed workplan

Repairing wall studs

Building is gutted down to exterior sheeting

Inspecting work

Inspecting work and discussing plan for replacement of exterior sheeting

Interior work to frame new windows

Interior studding

Exterior walls are being re-sheeted

Exterior walls are resheeted with plywood

Tyvek is up in preparation for new siding, and windows are installed

Tyvek is up in preparation for new siding, and doors are installed

Siding install in progress

Siding install in progress

Construction crews led by Eddie Paul (right)

Nearing completion before the snow flies

Completed construction in November 2018!