Beer Barge Tickets on Sale!

Mark June 23 in your calendars because the Beer Barge is again arriving in Yellowknife!

The annual fundraising event of the Society is now in its fourth year and going strong. First organized to celebrate Yellowknife’s 75th birthday in 2009, the Beer Barge is now a local favourite and celebrates the fascinating traditions of when Yellowknife was dependent on the summer water freighting season, when that very first barge to arrive had the fresh stock of alcohol for those thirsty, bushed miners. 

Live music, prizes, old costumes, and of course flowing beer are to be expected! We also plan to celebrate the 10th birthday of our Society’s founding.

Tickets are now available at a cost of $40. Contact the Society office at 867-873-6078, email, or stop in at the Northern Frontier Visitor's Centre in Yellowknife to pick one up.

We hope to see you there!