Beer Barge thank you 2019

The barge arrived this year at 5:10 on June 15, 2019 (time guessed correctly by Beth Williams and Annie Piche) and a grand party was had by all! Thanks to all the people that bought tickets and supported the event through sponsorship and volunteer hours. Joe Snow and the Forty Below, Notorious PIT, and the NWT Pipe Band provided the live entertainment, while Loren McGinnis performed incredibly as our master of ceremonies. There was an amazing turnout for the costume prizes this year!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our volunteers ,sponsors and attendees of the 11th Beer Barge BBQ Bash!! It was a tremendous success! We could not have done it without you! 

Sarah Gervais, Tim Young, Mickey Brown, Marie Adams, Dianne Baldwin, Didier Bourgois, Sophie Roher, Donna Latremouille, Brian Latham, Pamela Strand, Lindsay Ransom, Eric Chalker, John Clark, Michele Taylor, Beth Cowan, Julianna Kaiser, Nigel Bocking, Carole Monnet, Anna Soininen, Anita Reiss, Barb O'Neill, Marijil Gregnen, Amanda Annand, Dave Lovell, Walt Humphries, Terry Warner, Kaebri Ziolkowski, Helmut Epp, Ritika Joshi, Norah Higden, Myste Anderson, John Dalton, Marie-Francoise Le Doze, Adam Findley, Dave Kellett, Steve W, David Alexander, Natalie Pallisco, Thomas Laboucon, Ryan Silke, David Finch


AHMIC Air, Quality Furniture, East Arm Freighting, Territorial Beverages, TerraX Minerals Inc., Superior Propane, Signed, Northern News Services, GNWT- Support to Northern Performers, Lynn Elkin of Ptarmigan PTheatrics, NWT Brewing Company, Event Rentals Yellowknife, Yvonne Quick, Kathi Woodward

A special note of gratitude to:  Steven Jeffrey and Max Ward for the use of the Ward Air dock and Ryan Dempster of Pido Productions