The group met on March 27th with the purpose of re-establishing interest in the project and to discuss our future plans.

It was expressed by group coordinator Lynda Comerford that we need to take an extra step in our structure, and that forming a registered society will help us in our goals of creating a Mining Centre. This sentiment was shared by all meeting attendees, and the necessary paperwork will be acquired to officially apply for this status. This will be a great step for our group, and along with allowing for a larger and more diverse membership base, becoming a registered society will bring additional prominence to our name and cause. It will also open doors to funding which currently does not exist.

Our revised plans then, as outlined by Walt Humphries, is to hold a public meeting to inform Yellowknifers of our plans and allow people to sign up for membership. We will also require to build the directorship structure of the society to create president, secretary/treasurer, etc. It is foreseen that by the end of the coming summer our group will be known as the NWT Mining Heritage Society.

While all this bureaucracy is taking place, we assume work will start at the Giant site in preparing buildings for use. It was hoped that during the month, the engineer from Structural All Limited would perform his final assessment of our buildings. It is important to have structural consultation and approval of our buildings. 

Assuming this is completed by May, we can begin performing the necessary repairs on which ever building is found to be cheapest to rehabilitate (ieRec-Hall or Commissary). A final cleanup of core and other junk from the Commissary will be required, and we hope that Miramar Giant Mines Limited will live up to their deal and move the remainder of the drill core from the building. We feel that our group is now taking off full speed towards our goals, and that the remainder of this year will be one of the busiest yet. 

Cheers to all of those that have supported us to this date, and we hope to see you as part of our membership sometime in the future!